Machines and spare parts

  • DE JONG devices assigned for filling, forming and packing different kinds of food products: hamburgers, schnitzels, cured meat products, poultry, fish sticks,  vegetables
  • Steril Air DW 2000, new device, which eliminates all bacteria and viruses developing in the air with the use of the UVA rays. Hygiene level is compatible with HACCP requirements.
  • stringing machines SIEBECK, HANGFIX, ROLLMATIC and strings for these machines
  • emulsifiers KARL Schnell
  • stuffers FREY, HANDTMANN
  • derinders and skinners MAJA, WEBER, TOWNSEND
  • butcher’s  and slaughtering saws FREUND, EFA


Possibility to see new machines at the producer’s and also at the processing plant while work


Spare parts and operating materials

  • Scales and scale-labelers BIZERBA
  • Lubricant agents and oils BUSCH, WURTH, MOLYDAL, FUSCH
  • Conveyor  belt
  • Silicone seals
  • All kinds of blades for emulsifiers  ALEKSANDERWERK, HELY-JOLY, HOEGGER ALPINA, REX, FATOSA, T-VALL, NEMATEC, KRAMER&GREBE, KILIA, STEPHEN, LASKA, SEYDELAM, KNECHT, pliers, skinning machines, dicing machines, cutting frozen meat, different  round knives
  • Needles for injecting machines
  • Clips, loops and labeling tapes
  • Butcher’s  knives
  • Protective shoes and clothing



Our company offers professional service, punctuality and competitive prices.

  • repairing control panels POLY-CLIP, CFS and others
  • repairing machines and devices
  • technical surveys
  • machine’s additional equipment
  • designing and making different kinds of forming and welding devices for hard and soft foil used in packaging machines: VARIOVAC, MULTIVAC, CFS (TIROMAT), WEBOMATIC and other thermoforming machines in meat, fish and milk industry
  • designing and making sets of forming and welding devices for new types of packages adjusted to specific shapes and sizes of products
  • making a non-standard devices for cutting packages

Our offer includes making slide ways, bearers, forms, seals, partitions, welding plates and oculars, cutting system.

Additionally we offer shape cutting systems.

  • regenerating and covering with PTFE (Teflon) forming and welding devices

The service includes a regeneration of Teflon plates and welding oculars, regeneration of upper and lower parts of welding and forming device, exchange of sensors, heaters, membranes (pillows) and regeneration of forming device partitions.